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  • Save time and money to maximise farm profits and reduce risk of disease,
  • Bed a poultry house six times faster than a three man crew


The Blaney Poultry Bedder has been designed in consultation with poultry farmers and processors for bedding applications suitable for use with shavings, sawdust or chopped straw to reduce fatalities of the chicks by spreading the bedding evenly, minimising the risk of isolation from heat, water and food.

Six times faster than a crew of three!!

The Poultry Bedder makes poultry house bedding a one person operation, to save time and money, to maximise farm profits. It is 6 times faster than a 3 person crew. With an impressive dispensing rate it spreads an even layer of bedding in a 180° arc. Alternative spreading methods tend to spread large bedding particles to the outer part of the spread pattern and make the very small particles airbourne increasing dust and an uneven distribution of the bedding particle size.

The Poultry Bedder will reduce your bedding material usage by up to 50% compared to manual bedding.

Turkey specification models allow spreading of bedding with feeders down to greatly reduce time during this normally laborious job. It turns a 2 hour job into one less than 10 mins and with bedding turkeys every other day this makes the Blaney Poultry Bedder an asset that provides an excellent return on investment.


Poultry Bedder Features

  • Rapid Dispensing time, 6 times faster than a 3 man crew
  • Self-loading- quick & easy with hydraulic tipping mount frame

  • Produces an even spread, in an a 180 degree arc, with adjustable spread pattern

  • Reduces fatalities of young fowl by reducing risk of isolation from heat, water & food with an even spread of bedding
  • Effective agitator to prevent material bridging in the hopper
  • Variable speed hydraulic drive to control quantity and speed of spread



Poultry Bedder Options

  • Range of hopper sizes up to 2m cubed
  • Custom built for use with bulk or baled shavings, sawdust, chopped straw or pellets
  • Mounting system options for: tractor 3 point linkage or customer built mounting brackets to suit telescopic loaders, tractor loaders and skid steer loaders
  • Custom built models to suit turkey houses when feeders are down during feeding
  • Decompaction tool to break up baled shavings

1m Cubed Model 1m cubed web


The Blaney Poultry Bedder allows me to bed a house in 10 minutes. With 10 houses to bed, bedding used to take 4 or 5 men at least 2 days. Now we can get the job done in half a day with only 1 man. As well as great time savings, the wide even spread means that the bedding is more even and we save a lot of bedding material too. Usually one run down the house spreading 35ft each side gets the job done. This has been a fantastic investment.Paul Murphy - Pomeroy, Co Tyrone
"The Blaney Poultry Bedder is one of the best machines I have ever bought. Before we had the bedder, it took two of us up to 6 hours to bed our 3 houses. This was a lot of hard manual work, carrying and raking the shavings out.

Now I can bed all 3 houses myself in a fraction of the time, with no real effort. I can have all the houses bedded in little over an hour. Since the Blaney machine leaves such a fine finish I am saving at least 50% of the shavings. This is a great saving in money, but less shavings means the houses are also easier to clean out too.

We keep the shavings in a nearby shed and so the self fill system allows me to fill the bedder in a matter of seconds. With plenty of jobs on the farm to keep me busy, you can't put a value on your time. And even more important, since I can do all the bedding work myself, it reduces the biosecurity risk."William Fleck - Broughshane, Co Antrim


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