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  • Forager X10 - Not the bestseller by chance!!
  • The fastest, easiest one tractor round bale feeding solution
  • Forager X10 Bale Unroller Unwinder
  • Bale Feeding taken to NEW heights!!


The fastest, easiest one tractor round bale feeding solution.

The Forager X10 is a unique self-loading round bale feeder which has been designed to take the hassle out of feeding silage to livestock. The Forager X10 allows you to feed the optimum amount of fresh silage to livestock every day from the comfort of your tractor seat without the need for back-breaking work. It works faster than any diet feeder and you can easily control the amount of silage dispensed with the adjustable output function as standard. By only feeding the required amount of silage needed on a daily basis the silage is fresher and more palatable to livestock, to give improved intake and more liveweight gain per day – making you money. With less selective eating, less silage is wasted – saving you money and time. Bales can be unrolled in a few simple stages:

  • LIFT: Disengage tines & load bale

Forager X10 Stage 1

  • Remove Plastic

  • LOAD: Pick up loaded cradle with tinesForager loading stage 6

  • FEED : feed either side from the comfort of your seatForager Feeding Out

These simple steps can all be carried out with the use of one tractor!


Forager X10

This tractor mounted (3 point linkage) bale un-roller is ideal for feeding bales of silage, hay or straw. Forager X10 Bale Unroller

Forager X10L

Following numerous demands Blaney developed the Forager X10L – a special front loader version of the bale unroller that can be fitted to any front loader or telescopic, to make lifting, loading and feeding a one man one tractor operation. This special loader model means that high stacked bales are no longer a problem- simply disengage the bale bed to reveal the spring tines. Drive up to he bale and the Forager X10L lifts and loads it, all at the push of a lever. Pick up the loaded bale bed with the tines and you’re all set and ready to feed. FORAGER X10L

Forager X10W

The Forager X10W is designed to unroll a silage bale into a trough or over a barrier or other obstacle.  This model is based on the Forager X10, with the extension wing allowing silage to be dispensed further away. More info here X10-W rear-email    The extension wing can be adjusted hydraulically, allowing for an accurate feeding out from the comfort of your cab. The wing is adjustable throughout almost 90o, to suit a variety of feeding and housing set ups.  The X10W can feed from a 45o angle to horizontal.


Self contained bale lifter

  • The self contained bale lifter ensures that feeding out round bales is a 1 tractor operation.bale lifter
  • Heavy duty 2″ sprung tines for durability
  • Tines are replaceable
  • Tines have uneven toe length for easy pick up of the bale cradle, since only 1 tine has to be lined up.
  • Use with the Forager X10 or without – as a handy bale lifter to transport round bales.

Easy 3 step feed system

  • Innovative design for quick feeding in 3 easy steps: Lift, Load & Feed
  • Simply disengage the tines from the bale lifter and unrollerbale cradle.
  • Lift and load the bale

Each customer has their preferred method of plastic and net removal. To remove the wrap / net easily and quickly you can sinply cut off both circular ends when loaded, then cut along the length of the bale and tie the net/plastic onto one of the crossbars. As the Forager unrolls the bale, the wrap/net is also removed and remains on the machine and can be easily removed once you have finished feeding.

  • Pick uplift cradle - forager the loaded bale cradle and you’re ready to feed.

Compact design

  • Compact design to allow for feeding along narrow passageways
  • unroller for silage balesThe machine width is 6ft7 / 2m and so can be used in tight passageways from 8ft2/2.49m wide.

Feeds both sides

  • The Forager X10 can be used to feed out both sides.  This can be done simply by hydraulic control.
  • In a very tight passage where silage has to be fed on both sides, the Forager can be used to feed to alternate sides.  The tractor can be reversed in, silage fed out to one side, then the other before the tractor moves forward and repeats the feed out process.
  • Hydraulic control also allows you to control the feed out rate to ensure the right amount of silage is distributed.

Easy loading

  • The Forager X10 has a low cradle for easy loading of the bale.
  • The low cradle also allows for easier wrap / net removal
  • The tines with uneven toe length ensures that only 1 tine has to be lined up at a time when picking up the bale cradle.
  • The guide points help you line up the tines.

easy bale feed out   IMG_0826

Livestock Guards

  • For anyone feeding out silage, livestock are the source of your livelihood and often the reason why you love farming! So these unique guards ensure protection of your livestock from moving cross bars as they move forward to feed.
  • Equipped with a double link to avoid blockages

forager rollers

Strong durable frame

  • The strong durable frame has been developed using finite element analysis for maximum 1000kg strength and minimum weight.
  • The Forager X10 has been developed in Northern Ireland and has undergone rigorous testing within the toughest conditions.  Blaney have developed this machine to deal with heavy and misshapen bales, giving you peace of mind that this machine is built to last.

Strongest chain

The 50,000 newton chain is the strongest chain of any machine on the market.  The chain provides a smooth operation thanks to reduced friction from running on hardened rollers.

Special High Capacity Feed Out Design

  • Strongest cross members of any bale unroller on the market, developed to deal with heavier bales
  • Unique triple peak spikes for better feed out of different bale types.

Additional features

  • Non corrosive floor encourages slip and bale rotation for effective feeding.
  • Mounts on a 3 point linkage with 3 linkage mount points to suit different tractor heights.
  • Suitable for use with tractors of 75 hp +
  • Feeds all types of round bales


Wet Bale Kit

The Wet Bale Kit contains:

  • Spring loaded mechanism for side rollers for optimum feeding of misshapen bales
  • These are ideal for use with wet, saggy and stacked bales

Bale Unroller Galvanised forager MIS-SHAPED BALES  

Flow Control Kit

  • Additional speed control (high oil flow tractors only)

Front Adapter Frame

Side Rollers

  • 1 or 2 side rollers available
  • Ideal for use with wet, saggy and stacked bales to help contain the bale in the cradle more securely while feeding out


That machine has saved me so much effort. I had it for 2 weeks when I broke my arm. I was still able to feed my cattle with the feeder. Last year I had a knee replaced and it is saving me again. I often say I should have bought one years ago.Dermot Bennett - Co Longford
I farm part time and when I get home the last thing I want to do is spend time feeding silage. I have tried a couple of different machines over the past few years and last year I bought the Forager X10. I can honestly say that feeding silage has never been so easy, no matter what shape of bale, wet or dry the Forager X10 never fails and any excess is left in the machine and fresh for the next feeding. The whole job now only takes minutes. Thanks Blaney and "Feck the forkOliver O'Grady - Co Westmeath
I have off farm employment during the day so I find my bale forager very handy for feeding my stock in the evenings. No more back ache!! I find that my stock is much happier eating fresh silage every day. PJ Moffitt - Abbeylix, Co Laois
‘I honestly couldn’t praise this machine enough, I felt like a slaving graping silage, now I have more time and energy for my grandchildren. Another plus is that everybody who has round bales will know that mould is a serious problem, with the way this machine feeds out I am able to go down the passage way and lift out the mould so I have less problems with cattle health.’Daniel Buckley - Enniskeane, Cork
“I bought my Forager X10 back in December 2011, and can honestly say it has saved me a huge amount of time and money. I feed roughly between 400-500 bales a year, and before I got the machine it used to take me around 1- ½ hours graping, and this wasted some amount of my time and energy. Now it only takes me about 15-20 minutes to get the feeding done. Apart from the time it has left me with, I have saved so much financially, silage prices are seriously high this year, & as it only feeds out the amount I want to feed, I’m not wasting anything! The Forager X10 is a strong, well built machine & does exactly what it’s supposed to, if not more!”Sean Hannon - Athlone, Co.Roscommon
“Since getting the Quad-X Forager back in December 2011, I can safely say it is one of the best investments I have made, before I got the machine it used to take me over an hour to feed my cattle, as I have a few small sheds to work around. With the Forager X10 it only takes 15 minutes with no more need to use the graipe!! I use 300 bales a year, working with both silage and straw bales. I found the machine very handy for dispensing straw bales when I’m bedding, as it only unravels what I need. With the ever increasing silage costs using this machine means no wastage, I only feed what it needed saving me money, time & profit. Overall I have found the Forager invaluable this season.” Tom Pantony - Athboy, Co.Meath
‘This is a great machine, I feed out 500 bales a year and the forager X10 is a serious help, all my cattle can eat together now.’Ambrose Mc Donagh - Gorteen, Sligo
‘With the Forager X10 there is no doubt that you get a return on your money and your silage!’Alan Regan - Kilkely, Mayo
I’m very pleased with my forager. It has made my job far easier and faster! A job that would have taken me half an hour to do before, only takes me ten minutes with my forager!Edwin Williams - Conwy
I have had the Blaney forager X10 for 3 years now and I can say without a doubt it is the best money I have ever spent! I feed between 350-400 bales a year and before buying the forager I had to grape the bales apart. It is the first machine I would replace in the yard if it broke!Nicholas Lowry - Co Tyrone
I have been working with the Blaney Bale Unroller since February 2016 and am delighted with it. I use it with a telehandler to feed silage along the passages. It is so handy with the drive unit on the right side for the telehandler, meaning I can get 8 bales out a day in no time. Before that I worked with a New Zealand make of unroller, but the set up wasn’t ideal for using with the handler and it was designed for using with lighter straw bales rather than heavy silage. Blaney’s have designed a great machine with the Forager X10.George Moir - Co Aberdeenshire
I actually look forward to feeding out the silage now. The Forager X10 makes life a lot easier and saves a lot of time. Before we had to mess about trying to break the bale up, but now the Forager feeds it out in no time. I have 3 bales fed out in less than 10 mins now saving me at least half an hour each time.Eamon Myers - Co. Kerry
I feed about 4 bales per day, 750 bales per year. It would have taken me between 2-2 1/2 hours to feed before, now with the Forager Bale Unroller it takes me 20-30mins. I have it on a 75-80hp tractor. With the silage being fresh this reduces wastage.

The Forager works great with silage and hay bales. I bale my own and make them good and tight and the machine has no problems. Overall I am very pleased with the performance and can't think of any improvements that could be made.Sean Serrick - Kinitty, Co Roscommon
I feed 400-500 bales a year. The Forager is a fantastic job and I couldn't do without it. The machine is great value for money and easy to use. She's a great piece of kit.James Mullan - Limavady, Co L'Derry
I feed 300-400 bales a year. I find the spike supplied with the machine, very handy to use. Everything has been built to last. Graping silage would have taken between an hour and 1 & i/1 hours, now it only takes between 15-20mins to do feeding. I have a bad back so this machine is invaluable and has helped prevent any further injury.
Michael McNamee - Gortin, Co Tyrone
This machine is great, well designed with little to go wrong. Now feeding is a one tractor operation for me and I can feed either side, It saves a lot of time and work. This is
probably the best piece of machinery I have invested in. With a lot of back trouble I now have no problem at all feeding the bales. A good buyBryan Evans - Welshpool, Powys
Before I got the ForagerX10 I had to wait at least 4 hours a day on my diet feeder mixing, tying up my tractor and using a lot of fuel. Now with the Forager X10 I get all the feeding done in no time. Donald Menzies - Glenfarg, Perthshire
‘I feed out 150 Bales a year and they just roll out like a pan loaf. I have bought many other machines down the years but this machine without a doubt is the bees knees!’Gerry Mc Enroe - Cavan
I have had my Quad-X Forager X10 since September 2011, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The amount of time it has saved me has been massive! I previously used a diet feeder; however having to wait on the machine mixing every time I ended up spending 2-2 ½ hours feeding. This just wasn’t practical with the dark evenings closing in and having so many other jobs to be getting done. With the Forager X10 I used both silage & hay bales; and I am able to get the feeding finished up within 40 minutes! Even though my passage ways are quite narrow, the Forager is ideal allowing me to get my cattle fed with no wastage in less time, using less fuel than the diet feeder and I don’t even have to get out of my tractor. I can honestly say that the Forager is an excellent machine, a worthwhile investment that I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save time and moneyShane Naughton - Roscommon
Ever since I got my Forager X10, feeding has not been the same. With around 750 bales to feed 20 suck cows, & 500 sheep, I have a fair bit to do. However the Forager has allowed me to get the job done within 15 minutes, whereas before, graping would have took me 2 hours. I used the machine with the saggy bales, and it works perfectly, also taking it up the mountain to feed my sheep was no problem at all, I just rolled the silage out onto the field. I am very pleased with the results of the Forger and has done everything I need it to doJohn Hereford - Hereford
I used the Forager X10 everyday as it helped me to unroll around 2 bales a day and helps me to get through 200 bales a year without the need for my fork or any back breaking manual labour. I will be looking to Blaney in the future for more of their great designs and tailored equipmentColm Murphy - Kerry
With the Forager X10 I am able to cut down on all of the hard labor which comes with using a grate to feed my cattle. I am now able to unroll up to 5 bales a day in less than half the time it used to take me to do the same work. It’s simple to use and I have never had any problems or regrets about purchasing it. Definitely one of the best and most used pieces of equipment on my farmDesmond Dooley - Tipperary
I may have originally been concerned about purchasing the Forager X10 however after seeing a demonstration of it and having the opportunity to test one for myself for a few days all of my worries and concerns have been laid to rest and it is without a doubt worth every penny that I have spent on it. I am able to simply breeze through 4 bales a day without any hassle what so ever.Patrick Downey - Cork
Thanks to my Forager X10 I get 2/3 bales unrolled in almost no time. I am able to use it all the way up to spring and after getting used to working with the Forager its simple to operate. I encourage anyone that still struggles with using a fork and feeding manually to put serious consideration into purchasing a Forager as it has rapidly sped up and improved my feeding and work and leaves as little wastage as possible.Micheal Doyle - Tipperary
I feed 190 cattle and have 1000 + bales through the Blaney Forager, I couldn’t fault it. It has saved me a massive amount of time and makes working on my own so much easier. I got it back in 2012 and wouldn’t be without it. Trevor Wallace - Co Tyrone
The Forager X10 is a great machine. There hasn't been a day of bother with it. I wouldn't be without my Blaney bale unroller.Martina Ford - Co Cork
Tom bought a X10 Forager in November 2020.
'Im feeding about 200 cattle a day on my farm in Northamptonshire. The Forager Is great for saving silage for me as we don’t always get the best growth being in a dryer area here over the summer. I think its as good at feeding outside as it is inside making life easier when the cows are in the fields as it doesn’t make a mess like some diet feeders, then when the cattle are inside the machine is perfect I couldn’t fault it being able to feed out any shape of bale.'
Tom Elliot - Northamptonshire
Thomas bought his Forager X10 in October 2020.
‘I wouldn’t be able to fault this machine. It has changed the way I’ve been able to feed my cattle. It saves me so much time but with that it saves money in so many areas in things like diesel when running the machine. The design of the machine is impeccable as well with the components used are perfect for the conditions over here.’
Thomas Conway - Claudy, Co. Derry
I feed 2-3 bales a day, in 10ft passageways. Before working with the Blaney bale unroller I was setting bales in with a loader and forking the silage which was tough with unchopped silage. The Forager saves me an hour every day which is great and no heavy work is a bonus, Wish I got it years ago as it saves all the manual grapping. I can feed out both side of the bale feeder which works well and does a nice tidy job in the narrow passageway. Michael McCarthy - Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.
Tadgh Got His Bale Unroller in 2016. 'I've had it since 2016 and have put out about 600 bales through the machine and never had a bother with it. I'm feeding 80 cows everyday with it so I'm very happy, its a great job. and as I said never a bother with it.' Tadhg Dineen - Millstreet, Co. Cork.
I have been working with the Forager X10 bale unroller for over 5 years now. It is a great machine, the best machine I've ever bought. It is entirely fool proof with no maintenance needed. The savings in time and effort with no grapping needed makes the investment more than worthwhile. It saves me at least 30 minutes each feed out. I wouldn't be without it. Nicholas Lowry - Co. Tyrone
'I purchased a Blaney x10 forager in 2018 and it quickly became a machine I would not be without, I should have bought one years ago!
As I work off the farm and have a young family, good time management is essential and the X10 has cut back time spent feeding by at least an hour a day and reduced waste as cattle have fresh silage in front of them daily now as opposed to bales being open for several days before
Gerard Hogan - Co Tipperary
The Forager bale unroller is a great job. I use it for feeding silage and for rolling hay into a diet feeder. It makes things really quick and really handy. Denis Mahon - Co Fermanagh


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