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  • Bed 300 cubicles in only 10mins.


Sand bedded cubicles have become very popular in some areas but traditionally they are very labour intensive to keep the beds clean and replenished with fresh sand.  The abrasive nature of sand has meant that manufacturers are cautious about offering a machine for this.  But Blaney have worked alongside dairy farmers to develop a machine for sand bedding – the CB Discus.

NYS-Dairy-Tour-1-3Research has shown that the level of evenness of the sand bedding are important for maximising cattle lying time and reducing lameness.  Compared to rubber mats or little / no bedding, sand can reduce lameness by 50%.  Sand is inorganic and bacterial build-up is slower, resulting in reduced mastitus cell counts.

The CB Discuss has become popular as an effective and efficient method for topping up sand to keep cubicles clean and comfortable for healthier, happier, more profitable cows.  It is also ideal for other bedding materials including sawdust, chopped straw, shavings and lime mix.

The Blaney CB Discus will throw further than any other machine making it ideal for modern cubical units with storage at the cubicle head. Less bedding material usage with a more even spread for cleaner dry cubicles.

Manoeuvrability is not an issue with working widths from as little as 5ft. With the reversible drive on the discharge conveyor, both sides can be covered without having to turn your tractor.

The Cubicle Bedder will reduce your bedding material usage by as much as 50% compared to manual bedding, by evenly distributing the material exactly where you want it, thus saving money. It has been designed to reduce labour time with 300 cubicles being covered in an impressive 10 minutes. With cubicle bedding a daily task, the time savings by using this machine are massive.

For other cubicle bedders in the range see our belt model – cubicle bedder,


Blaney Agri have designed and manufacture two models of cubicle bedders:

  • Cubicle Bedder – Belt Model

CB800 or CB1000


Variable Discharge & Even Spread

  • Even, precise and controlled dispensing method for less wastage
    • Increased hygiene for cattle with fresh bedding leading to lower cell counts and reduces incidence of infections being spread through the herd
    • Increased comfort for cattle, leading to less stress and higher milk yields for dairy cattle
    • Save up to 50% bedding material compared to manual spreading
    • Reversible drive to spread both sides

Twin Disc System

  • Effective twin disc system for customised spread pattern
    • Adjustable spinner base
    • Innovative air inducers for improved spread quality and distance (process seperates bedding particles for more comfortable & absorbent bed)
    • Adjustable spreading plate
    • Independent high speed motors

Stepped Feed System & Effective Agitator

  • Innovative stepped feed system with high torque motor for constant feed of even the most difficult bedding material.
    • Hard wearing flights reduce wear
    • Additional paddles direct material into the spinner housings for constant flow rate
  • Effective Agitator to prevent bridging of the material in the hopper.
    • Equipped with wide reaching flights


Self-Loading System

  • Self-Loading- quick & easy with hydraulic tipping mount frame
  • Reinforced edge for durability in loading from pile of bedding
Self Loading

Self Loading


Galvanised Finish

  • Galvanised finish as standard, paint finish available if preferred;
Suitable for use with 3pt linkage, loader, telehandler and skid steers

Galvanised Finish as Standard

Other Features

  • Reinforced edge for durability in loading from pile of bedding
  • Strong and robust reinforced hopper, yet lightweight
  • Rapid dispensing time- 300 cubicles can be covered in ONLY 10mins!
  • Compact width for easy manoeuvrability in narrow passageways
  • Easy access spinner covers
  • Sight Glass – to view level of the bedding contents
  • Forklift slots for easy movement
  • Only one pair of hydraulic spools required
  • Finish options include paint finish or galvanised

Paint Finish

Suitable for use with 3pt linkage, loader, telehandler and skid steers


Cublicle Bedder Options

  • Mounting system options for: tractor 3 point linkage, telescopic loaders, tractor loaders, and skid-steer loaders
  • Can be custom built to suit your bedding material: including saw dust, wood chip, sand, lime, and chopping straw
  • Hopper sizes from 0.8m3
  • Optional painted finished


Contact us today and take the first step in a more efficient farm. We would love to answer any questions you might have.

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