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  • Contractor Series Hedge Cutter 5.5m /6.5m reach


The Contractor Series has a strong robust design to tackle all types of hedges throughout the country whether they have been maintained regularly or haven’t been cut in years.

This series is the ideal choice for a contractor intending on doing a lot of hours work or a farmer who has lots of well overgrown hedges to tackle. Perfect if you are looking for a long reach hedgecutter.

Blaney Agri hedgecutter custom build

Since Blaney Agri can custom build a hedgecutter and manufacture it to your spec, there’s sure to be a hedgecutter to suit you.

If you are looking for a hedgecutter that doesn’t need such a high specification take a look at the Agri Series or Agri Pro Series.



Please see the table below which highlights the standard features and options which make up the 5.5m, 6m and 6.5m (telescopic) reach models

Blaney Agri machinery manufacture and design

Given our experience in design and manufacture we are pleased to apply our expertise to custom build machines for you.




HEDGECUTTER RANGE   Contractor series
  Reach (m/ft) 5.5m 6m  6.5mT
Arm Options        
Forward Reach F optional optional
Backwards Reach optional optional
  Parallel Arm Geometry Std Std
  Arm Lift Float Kit Std Std
  Head Angle Float Kit Std Std
  Power Slew Std Std
Horse Power 80hp  Std   Std  
Oil Tank Hydraulic Oil Tank (Litres) 220 220
Head Size & Type        
  1.3m Extreme Duty Std Std
  1.6m Extreme Duty optional optional
Cutting Head Drive    
  Bi-Directional Std Std
Head Roller
Manual Std Std
Hydraulic optional optional
Method of Attachment
3PL Std Std
Axle (recommended for 5.5m+) Optional Optional
LPH Joystick Std Std
Switchbox optional optional
Safety Breakaway
Hydraulic Std Std
Electric Oil Cooler optional optional
Road Lighting Kit Std Std
Flail Head Skid Kit optional optional
Arm work lamp kit optional optional
Toplink shock isolator Std Std
1.3m Caged Rotor optional optional
1.6m Caged Rotor optional optional



Cutting Head

Blaney Agri hedgecutter flail head

The hedgecutter head is the part of the machine that does the majority of the work and so Blaney Agri have invested much time and resources on its development.

Extreme Duty Head

  • 1.3m Extreme Duty Head as standard (1.6m Extreme Duty Head optional).
  • Unmatched and unrivalled in design and is the best head yet
  • Developed using high precision components and precision manufacturing processes for longer life.  High accuracy ensures less radial and axial loading on drive components for
    • higher speeds
    • better performance
    • lower maintenance
    • longer life
  • Unique heavy duty, twin skinned molecular body for improved strength and reliability. This molecular structure increases strength for longer life.
    • 25% stronger than our heavy Duty Head
  • Alloy material for minimum weight to increase stability at reach.
  • Bearing enclosed within the width of the skid, allowing the head to cut tighter around obstacles.
  • Compact head mount linkage, to cut closer around telegraph poles, etc
  • High wear front and rear flap for protection against damage from projectiles.
  • Offset head for adjustment of reach as and when needed
  • 252o angular rotation of cutting head enhances cutting range, giving more manoeuvrability to reach into awkward and challenging places.
  • 80HP hydraulic system as standard (High torque)

Head Roller

  • The Contractor Series is fitted with a manual head roller as standard.  The roller can be adjusted manually to 3 different settings.  This is useful for verge mowing, and also when cutting well established hedges to maintain a consistent cutting height.  For hedgerow cutting the roller can be set higher to avoid coming in contact with the hedge to allow for a neater finish.


  • Multi Ringed Rotor.  Each tab is in the form of a ring which is supported around the entire circumference of the rotor, providing over eight times more support than an individual tab.
    • this helps prevent rotor indentation typical on low cost competitor machines.
    • this design helps prevent breakage and reduces the impact from hitting obstacles
  • 10% stronger rotor than any competitor
  • Incorporates Blaney’s acclaimed Power Shredding Technology.


  • 135mm long T flails
  • Fitted as standard with a longer T flail blade to give a faster tip speed.  A tapered shank for self cleaning action helps prevent the build up of material to reduce drag for better cutting performance and efficiency.

Bi-Directional Rotor

All Blaney Agri hedgecutters are fitted with a bi-directional rotor as standard. The operator can select which way they want the rotor to turn for the task being carried out.

Bi-directional hedgecutter rotorTo prevent projectiles being thrown out, it is advised that downward cutting is used, since this throws the debris in the hedge. Upward cutting is more suitable where the material being cut is very dense and a smooth finish is still required.

Equipped with a extreme duty rotor as standard.

Arm & Reach

The Contractor series has the option of 5.5m, 6m or a telescopic 6.5m reach, parallel arm geometry and power slew with hydraulic break back.

Parallel Arm

hedgecutter parallel arm

The parallel arm ensures the Contractor Series hedgecutter maintains a consistent head height, while the operator varies the reach of the machine, via a single service input.  No need to adjust the lift function to compensate for the change in head pivot height when adjusting the reach.


  • Reduces operator fatigue as only 1 service input is required to maintain head height. No need to adjust the lift function to compensate for the change in head pivot height when adjusting the reach.
  • Geometry enhances reach capacity for improved ‘over fence’ clearance.

Safety Breakaway

A safety breakaway system is incorporated into the Contractor series hedgecutter arm with hydraulic breakback. The function is to protect the arm from damage (typically bending) when the cutting head comes into contact with a foreign object. The arm is allowed to fold back slightly, while the operator brings the tractor to rest, preventing any damage.

Safety breakaway to protect hedgecutter arm from damage


  • Machine arm and head is protected from damage if the cutting head hits a foreign object
  • Tractor is protected from damage that could result from the cutting head hitting an obstacle.
  • The obstacle is protected from damage
  • A patent pending design to tackle hedges along tight roads and laneways.

Power Slew

This feature allows the main arm to hydraulically rotate back behind the tractor by 115°Hedgecutter Power Slew


  • Provides a compact position for road travel and access through gateways.
  • Enables the operator to cut behind into tight corners, without leaving bits behind
  • Improves weight distribution of the hedgecutter during transport.

 Jib position

The Contractor series is equipped with a left-hand jib as standard to suit road maintenance requirements. For a right hand jib position please see our customer build option.


Hydraulic Tank

A 220L Hydraulic tank comes as standard on the Contractor Series.

  • Oil temperature gauge
  • Oil level indicator
  • Tank oil cooling as standard.
    • for prolonged oil life and improved performance
  • Oil included
    • Double filtered for purity and efficiency
  • Hydraulic tank cover protects the components from getting damaged by debris or rain water.


LPH Joystick controls

hedgecutter proportional joystick controls

Main arm functions of the machine are controlled proportionally using low pressure hydraulic oil. This means that the movement of the cutting head is proportional to the movement of the joystick, enhancing the level of control.  Switch box controls are also available as an option.

Optional cable or switchbox controls available if required.


Self lubricating pins

  • Self lubricating pins for optimum greasing

These special pins allow grease to be pumped into the joint to work its way around the pin to reduce wear and maintenance requirements.

Other features

  • High capacity bearings for long life
  • LED Road Lights
  • Top link shock absorber for comfortable travel
  • Wire Trap on rotor
  • Base frame with tractor stabiliser mount
  • Parking stands
  • Road Lighting kit

Custom Build

If the model options within the Contractor Series or other standard models do not meet your requirements, please call and speak to our engineers.

Given our experience in design and manufacture we are pleased to apply our expertise to custom build machines for you.



Arm Options

  • Forward Reach Armforward reach

With a Forward Reach arm the cutting head is stepped in-front of the centreline of the main arm, bringing it into the line of sight of the operator, reducing fatigue and increasing performance.


-Great visibility of cutting head during use, enhancing operator comfort.

-Provides the operator with a clearer view over the working area, increasing safety.

 Lift Float Kit

This is used for verge mowing enabling the cutting head to automatically follow the contours of the ground in a vertical plane. The feature can be activated through in-cab controls.


-Reduces operator fatigue when verge mowing, therefore increasing safety and improving output.
-Reduces damage and wear to flailhead and rotor caused by scalping

Angle Float Kit

This is used for verge mowing enabling the cutting head to automatically follow the contours of the ground in a horizontal plane. The feature can be activated through in-cab controls, and requires a roller to be fitted to the cutting head.


-Reduces operator fatigue when verge mowing, therefore increasing safety and improving output.
-Reduces damage and wear to flailhead and rotor caused by scalping.
-Minimises ‘missed’ parts along the verge for a cleaner finish.


Proportional Joystick control comes as standard with the Contractor Series, with optional switchbox controls.

Electronic Proportional Joystick controls

All movements of the machine are proportionally controlled using electronic switches and software. The electronic proportional Joystick option provides a ‘feather-like’ control over the complete machine. Very low effort required for rapid and immediate response.


Electronic SwitchBox

switch box hedgecutter controls

An arrangement of miniature electronic joysticks give fingertip control, with instantaneous response. requires minimal user input.

Cutting Head

1.6m Extreme Duty Head optional.

Given our experience of power shredding technology we offer a choice of rotor and blades to suit your application.


Blades are a crucial part of the cutting head and Blaney Agri offer a number of options to suit your application and required finish.

  • Grass Y Bladeshedgecutter blade ideal for verge mowing

Ideal for verge cutting to leave a professional finish. They have a high resistance to impact which is required to deal with foreign objects often found along verges.


  • Boot FlailHedgecutter blade

Suitable for cutting anything up to 1 year’s growth.


  • Hedge T Flailhedgecutter hedge blade

Suitable for hedges that haven’t been cut in a number of years. Required if you want to use the bi-directional function of the rotor. 2 types available – standard and high speed

Head Roller

A hydraulic roller is available as an option for easy height setting to allow the operator to adjust the height of the roller from inside the cab.

Flail Head Skid kit

A flail head skid kit is available as an option to protect the rotor and main body from scalping.

Other Options

Other Options

  • Arm Work Lamp
  • Axle attachment (recommended for 5.5m reach+)
  • Oil Cooler
  • Debris Blower
  • Cushioned Grass Mowing Roller


Contact us today and take the first step in a more efficient farm. We would love to answer any questions you might have.

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