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March 6, 2020

The Farm Business Grant re-opens on 2nd March 2020, offering up to 40% funding towards a Blaney Agri Aerator.

Baney Agri offer a range of Aerators developed to improve soil structure, drainage and grass yields.

Aerator Grant

Click here to find out more about our range of Aerators. You choose the spec – we make it. Choose between a range of widths, blade quantities, frame design and extras to suit you, your ground conditions and your budget.

What can a Blaney Aerator do for your grassland?

Benefits of aerating
  • Oxygen introduced into soil
  • Increased root development for better grass growth
  • Improved Nitrogen fixation for legumes e.g. clover
  • Increased microbial action for better use of fertiliser- Reduce fertiliser bills
  • Soil recovers quicker after mowing
  • Surface drainage improved (less rainwater & slurry run off)
  • Less compaction
  • Less poaching by livestock

To qualify for the grant the business needs to be registered with Farming Connect, and a representative from the business needs to have attended a “Farming for the Future” event organised by Farming Connect.

Don’t miss out … get in touch today to find out more about this aerator grant.  Grant application closes 10th April.

Call 028 2587 2801, email or contact us through facebook / twitter @blaneyagri

All Blaney Agri machines are designed and made in Co Antrim, UK – with over 25 years’ experience.

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