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Boost grass and save fertilizer. The Blaney Aerator releases the equivalent of 50kg of nitrates per hectare.

Compaction of grassland is a common problem caused by livestock and heavy machinery which reduces grazing potential.

The Aerator blades cut through the compacted layers of soil to open up fissures for better drainage, more efficient use of nutrients and healthier grass. A Blaney Aerator is a worthwhile investment that will last for years, boost your grass yield and reduce your fertiliser expense, improve slurry matter retention and nutrient uptake by roots


Benefits of aerating


  • Oxygen introduced into soil
  • Increased root development for better grass growth
  • Improved Nitrogen fixation for legumes e.g. clover
  • Increased microbial action for better use of fertiliser- Reduce fertiliser bills
  • Soil recovers quicker after mowing
  • Surface drainage improved (less rainwater & slurry run off)
  • Less compaction
  • Less poaching by livestock

For smaller applications or hard to reach areas why not try our ATV Aerators manufactured by Quad-X our ATV machinery division, available in 1.2m widths.

4.5m duo system rear-email

4.8m Duo One Pass System


Blaney Agri manufacture a range of Aerators and One Pass Systems from 2m to 5m width.

Tines and a Broadcaster can be fitted to the Aerator to turn it in to a duo or triple one pass system to allow for aerating, harrowing and overseeding all in One Pass.

We offer the option of heavy duty or extreme duty and single or split angle rotor. All models are available with the option of 3, 4 or 5 blades to suit your soil type and penetration required. You can read more about these in the options tab.

Model & Rotor type 2m 3m 5m
  • Heavy Duty Single rotor
  • Heavy Duty Split angle rotor
  • Extreme Duty Split angle rotor


Blades & Rotor


This unique staggered blade arrangement ensures only a small number of blades enter the ground at once, putting less load on your tractor and reducing horse power needed and giving lower fuel costs

  • Boron Steel Blades- strong & durableAerator steel blade
  • Staggered blade design
  • Tapered and sloped blade for cleaner slit exit, with less sod lift
  • Anti-loose blade supports on extreme duty model
  • Impressive blade length of 230 mm with working depth of 180mm


The heavy rotor is designed to reduce bending in stoney ground. The Blaney design comes standard with a single fixed rotor with the option of an adjustable split angle rotor.


  • Can carry up to 750kg- to force blades into highly compacted ground
  • HP requirement is 40 + HP

Cab Operated Hydraulic Fold-up Wings

The Blaney Agri Aerators 5m wide and above have a unique cab operated, hydraulic fold system. This innovative folding operation does not require the operator to leave the cab in order to fold the wings up or down.




One Pass System

In response to our customers increasing pressure to reduce costs, the Blaney design and development team have established systems to do more operations simultaneously including:

Duo System

Duo System

Duo System

Dethatching, removing moss & dead vegetation to open soil surface allowing it to “Breathe” more oxygen and boost grass


Triple System

aerator one pass rear

3-in-1 Pass Grassland System

Dethatching and over sowing. With the addition of the Quad-X broadcaster grass varieties and clover can be stitched in for bare and heavily poached areas improving grass quality and quantity, reducing weed uptake in these areas. Optional remote controls are available, allowing you to open / close the broadcaster direct from the cab of the tractor.


aerator broadcaster
Aerate, dethatch and overseed in one passAerate, dethatch and overseed in one pass


The Blaney Agri Aerator is available in a range of sizes, including a 2m, 3m and 5m.




Make your time in the field generate better results.

More blades mean better drainage thanks to the peaks in the drains created being more continuous for bigger volume fissures. This reduces the troughs which will hold water, leaving more room for air.

  • Choose from 3, 4 , or 5 blades. We recommend:

– For sandy soil (3 Blades)

Aerator 3 Blades

Aerator 3 Blades

– For heavy soil (4 Blades)

Aerator 4 Blades

Aerator 4 Blades

– For heavy, poached soil (5 Blades)

Aerator 5 Blades

Aerator 5 Blades


Adjustable Split Rotor

The adjustable split angle rotor enables you to easily adjust the rotors; this means the blades will penetrate and exit at an angle opening up deeper and wider fissures, shattering compacted soil between the aerating slits for improved drainage. The split angle rotor allows for adjustment of up to 12 degrees.

Aerator Straight Rotor v Adjustable Split Rotor

Aerator Straight Rotor v Adjustable Split Rotor

This setting is often used on more compacted areas such as grazing grounds where animals have trodden or where machinery has travelled regularly, since harder penetration helps to allow air, water and nutrients to pass down the roots.


The Blaney Aerator has been invaluable in getting the fields into good order after the last few years of wet weather. I have noticed less run off so I have better results with less fertiliser. So I save money and have better grass.David Bonnar - Ballymena, Co Antrim
We are very pleased with the job the aerator makes and have been running at full angle which has resulted in a lot of soil movement.
Overall a great value well made implement.Jonathon Raw - Whitby, North Yorkshire


Contact us today and take the first step in a more efficient farm. We would love to answer any questions you might have.

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