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X-Cut Agri Rotary Mower

  • Get the job done up to 3 times faster with lower power requirements.
  • Hydraulic folding wing design and floating wings follow the contours of the ground up and down.


Designed to get the job done up to 3 times faster with lower power requirements and lower operating cost per acre while leaving results that improve profit from grass yields.

For larger farms and contractors that value the benefits this machine can return. At Blaney much has been learned from the advanced performance achieved in the design of our other cutting machines and the company’s heritage of maximising the cutting process to utilise the power available from small engines has resulted in more than just making blades rotate.

Faster work rates thanks to:

  • Larger flexi wing topper with more blades on smaller diameter rotor.
  • Blades turn at high speed for more cuts per metre of travel
  • Less distance to move cut material before it is ejected

Lower HP requirements thanks to:

  • Reduced load requirement due to more cuts per stalk, to avoid momentum build up problem associated with conventional larger toppers
  • Efficiency achieved by the body design for efficient material flow
  • X-Cut is suitable for smaller tractors since it is short from front to rear to minimise leverage and allow for mounting close to the tractor. (smaller tractors can access tight corners yet cut large widths)

For smaller applications why not try our ATV Wildcut Topper Mower manufactured by Quad-X our ATV machinery division, available in 1.2m cutting widths with optional engines sizes from 12.5HP – 18HP V-Twin to tackle all types of vegetation from light topping to 4ft rushes! They are THE most Capable ATV rotary mower available!


The X-Cut Agri topper has proven to be a vital machine for 2 different applications.

1. T6 rotors for maintaining pasture:

This model has been innovatively designed with extra formed blades on each rotor to lift the first cut and apply additional cuts from the second blade row. This results in less drag from moving long lengths of material and it chops the vegetation finely and spreads it encouraging faster decomposition, faster recovery and better grass regrowth rates.

2. T3 rotor for Land maintenance:

Non livestock areas such as Set-aside, Scrub land, Parkland, airports and Military and Large verges. This model is designed to cut and provide a visually pleasing finish without the need to be concerned about regrowth or recover


Xcut Agri Rotary Mower Features & Options


  • Remote greasing of spindles (with 2yr warranty) for improved maintenance
  • Suitable for use with 60HP + for the 12FT and 70HP for the 15FT (depending on conditions)
  • Hydraulic Folding Wing Systemtractor fold up Topper
  • Floating Wings: each wing can follow the contours of the ground up and down
  • Shaft Drive


  • 12ft (3.6m) and 15ft (4.5m) cutting widths
  • Rear Roller
  • Front Roller for turf application
  • Anti-Scalp pans on each rotor for protection
  • Wheel kits



Contact us today and take the first step in a more efficient farm. We would love to answer any questions you might have.

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