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  • Maximise drying in all weather conditions


Time invested in producing well preserved silage has been shown to reduce concentrate feed requirement by up to 2KG/ hd / day.

The SwathAir has been developed to address the problem of drying grass for better quality silage in short windows of good weather. Baled silage tedded with the SwathAir should result in 28% dry matter (dm) compared to 20% dm for untreated grass. This will result in significantly less bales and greatly reduce unnecessary wrapping costs per hectare. With livestock needing less of this silage due to its higher quality you will save time in feeding too.

Improve your silage dry matter content and forage quality with the Blaney Agri SwathAir swather.Considerable volumes of water are put into silos or bales when unwilted grass is ensiled. This encourages extensive fermentation which is difficult to control and produces excessive effluent. Not only does effluent corrode concrete and pose a pollution hazard, but effluent loss from silage basically equals digestible nutrient loss, meaning less liveweight gain.

Suits all weather conditions

If you are fortunate enough to have large yields, the SwathAir will help the crop dry evenly to avoid wet and poorly wilted portions close to the ground. If you are lucky enough to be cutting silage in a heat wave, early use of the SwathAir can help to avoid excessive drying when the baler is not immediately available since material with dry matter content higher than 45% becomes increasingly difficult to compress and ferment.


ThIs photo shows a bale made from grass conditioned and swathed with the Blaney SwathAIR.  It is a much more compact bale with square sides that don’t sag which prevents air getting in. This will reduce the cost in wrapping, and reduce the time in bringing them in from the field.

Since it is better quality the animal will eat it all, especially as the SwathAIR wheels help prevent dirt getting introduced to the grass which can  cause mould patches.



Make high quality silage:

  • zero waste, saving thousands in lost silage
  • less work in removing and storing bales
  • better performing animals


2.5m Blaney SwathAir Pro model- capable of working with up to 30ft swards

2.2m Blaney SwathAir- capable of working with up to 16ft swards




The SwathAir comes with the largest ratio of tines on the market and a tine retainer to help prevent tines entering the swards and contaminating the grass

cderg swather demo 007 email


Innovative “flick out” rotor- This is an option to tease apart the longer grass leafs, creating a faster drying sward structure with better air circulation. The Unique contouring rotor is designed to reduce dirt pick-up entering the sward

Body and Doors

The Unique body can be adjusted according to the weight of the grass to ensure optimum sward rebuild, (optional extra on 2.2m model) by breaking up the plugs in the grass and teasing them out. This helps create a sward ideally suited to the baler.

The adjustable angle head stock is ideal as it moves the position of the sward to dry ground after conditioning for faster drying

The doors come as standard to control the width and position of the sward (Design subject to change)



Swivel rear wheels eliminate tyre scrub when turning ensuring safe clean silage

Swather wheels

Unique SwathAir Features

  • Innovative Air inducers for random spread of discharged grass
  • Air acceleration vents to accelerate centre of the sward
  • Heavy Duty Chain Drive on the 2.5m Pro Model is to eliminate slippage in heavy swards

cderg swather demo 004 web small



‘AccelerDry’ feature can be inserted to help with the splitting of grass to accelerate drying even more. Adjustable to suit different volumes of swards.



Diffusers can be added to help with the rebuilding of the sward, which will increase the rate of drying


Front Wheel Kit

A Front Wheel Kit can be added to work in soft, wet ground with ease

Conditioning Plates

These Plates can be inserted to help with extra conditioning of the grass,to remove the waxy moisture retaining coating to help increase drying speeds even more


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