Advanced Agricultural Solutions for Tractors

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Blaney’s hedgecutter head can be equipped with a motor uniquely tailored to suit the specific excavator to which it is being fitted. This will help the machine to run efficiently but is more suited to lighter cutting with no protection given to the motor head.


The Heavy Duty Hedgecutter Heads are available in widths of 1.1m, 1.3m and 1.6m


Power Shredding Technology

Blaney have invested heavily in the advancement of their power shredding ™ technology, to ensure a fine chop even from low power inputs. Their know-how has given them the ability to develop innovative cutting heads and takes Blaney’s acclaimed Power Shredding technology to the next level with:

  • Stronger rotor with anti-shock blade supports.
  • Special reservoir bearings with an in-built grease reservoir and so if they overheat, grease is melted and helps ensure a longer life.

Cutting head

  • Twin-skinned molecular structure of body increases strength for a longer life
  • High wear front and rear flap for protection against damage from projectiles
  • The alloy material used minimises weight for increased stability at reach.


Contact us today and take the first step in a more efficient farm. We would love to answer any questions you might have.

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