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If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, contractor spec mulching head for a 12T + digger LOOK no further. Equipped with a caged rotor for your forestry mulching tasks.

Suitable for cutting rushes and scrub, developed with productive tracked excavator swipe cutting action in mind with skids and guard design.


Available in 1.3 cutting widths


Caged Rotor

Blaney’s Extreme Duty Caged Rotor (CR) has been developed for those operators who need to tackle heavy and well established vegetation. This is Blaney’s toughest and strongest head, suited to professional users involved in forestry or reclaiming ground.

caged hedgecutter rotor




caged rotor hedgecutter flail


This head is designed to incorporate heavy-duty caged rotor flails which rotate 360° to maintain momentum for tackling difficult conditions. By being able to rotate fully it also protects the machine from damage.

Higher Torque

The HDX head has been designed to develop higher torque to reduce speed deceleration when cutting heavy material.

It features a high torque piston motor for increased power which is especially effective for modern excavators with higher operating pressures.

Cutting head design

All-around design elements produce more efficient dispersal of collision forces with a unique chamber fully enclosing the motor, reinforced by endoskeletal ribs.

Power Shredding Technology

Building on Blaney’s power shredder technology, the HDX head uses a high speed dynamic rotor which works in combination with integrated shark fin blades, resulting in material that is chopped to a finer grade.  Perfect for hedge cutting and tackling rushes.and scrub, fenland, gorse and whins.

Adjustable front hood

Adjustable front hood helps the user control the entry rate of vegetation to suit application

  • if it’s scrub ‘OPEN UP’
  • if it’s heavy woody cutting ‘CLOSED DOWN’

Adjustable skids

Adjustable skids offer more protection and float in wetter areas.

Deflector Chains

Front and rear debris deflection has been upgraded from rubber flaps to chains for increased durability and effectiveness.

Easy fit connections

Easy fit connections clearly labelled to help those with multiple machine ensuring operator connects properly.  The HDX design incorporates accessible hydraulic attachment layout.


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