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With over 20 years of expertise, engineering and development within the cutting industry, Blaney flail Mowers have been designed with a unique rotor setup which gives significant advantages over the conventional competitor flail specifications with the ability to handle material in larger volume, higher density and provide a finer chop.


The Blaney FLail mower is available in 7 widths:

  • 1.3m / 4ft4
  • 1.5m / 5ft
  • 1.8m / 6ft
  • 2.1m / 7ft
  • 2.4m / 8ft
  • 2.7m / 9ft
  • 3.0m / 10ft


Unique Rotor Design

The Blaney Flail mower can can handle material of larger volume, higher density and provide a finer chop than competing brands.

Hammerhead Blades

These are designed to pulverise various types of vegetation

Adjustable Clipping Size

The clipping size on the Blaney Flail Mower can be adjusted manually.


Skids are fitted as standard


Drive protection

Shear Bolt protection as standard


Drive protection

The Blaney Flail can be equipped with  PTO with overrun clutch instead of shear bolt protection

Rear Roller

The mower can be equipped with a rear roller and roller scraper.

Rear Wheels

Blaney offer the option of rear wheels


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