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Get the most out of your excavator during the quieter months of the year with the Blaney Sabre Cut Mulching Flail head attachment

Blaney have developed the Sabre Cut range of excavator cutting heads, for 3T to 20T machines, which can be coupled directly to your machine, and are capable of cutting high density material (3 years growth).

The Sabre Cut Excavator mulching heads are fitted as standard with a hydraulic ‘powerbox’ to help overcome variations of pump outputs in different excavator makes and models.

For your excavator, Blaney can also offer the heavy duty HDX head which has a caged rotor as standard, or for lighter cutting duties our heavy duty hedge cutter heads where you can add your own circuit protection.



Cutting Head

Blaney Agri have invested much time and resources on the development of the Sabre Cut digger head

Developed for more accuracy & strength with more precision components and manufacturing processes for higher speeds, longer life & less maintenance thanks to less radial and axial loading on drive components.

  • 25% stronger head than our Heavy Duty Hedge cutter head. Twin-skinned molecular structure of body increases strength for a longer life
  • Unique Head Design – made from 50% stronger alloy for a stronger yet lightweight head for better balance.
  • Extreme Duty Head & Rotor (XD) developed for more accuracy and strength
  • Unique Body Design – to prevent larger branches becoming stuck
  • High wear front and rear flap for protection against damage from projectiles



Hydraulic 'Powerbox'

This clever innovation ensures the rotor is running at the right speed & protects the head hydraulic motor from any imbalances in the system

The ‘powerbox’ is made up of a number of hydraulic components to protect the circuit & motor and get a balance between tracking and head speed. The ‘powerbox’ allows for adjustments to optimise the head to digger output within a digger size range, ideal for those with multiple excavators.

Extreme Duty (XD) - Multi Ringed Rotor

Each tab is in the form of a ring which is supported around the entire circumference of the rotor providing over 8 times more support than an individual tab.

To help prevent :
– rotor indentation typical on low cost competitor machines.
– breakage and reduces the impact from hitting obstacles.



Cutting Head widths

The Sabre Cut range of excavator heads are avialable in 1m, 1.3m or 1.6m Cutting Widths.

To get a cutting head tailored to suit your needs, please contact a member of the engineering team at Blaney.  Based on the power output and oil flow from your excavator, a cutting head can be built so that you get the best performance from your machine.

Head Roller

A roller can be aded to the Sabre Cut Shredder head to help protect the rotor from damage from impact.

Close Cut Brackets

These special Close Cut brackets allow for easier cutting on narrow lanes and tight areas.

Extreme Duty Caged Rotor (CR)

Blaney’s Extreme Duty Caged Rotor (CR) has been developed for those operators who need to tackle heavy and well established vegetation. This is Blaney’s toughest and strongest head, suited to professional users involved in forestry or reclaiming ground.

caged hedgecutter rotor

It can be considered as an option for use on diggers of 7T +.


caged rotor hedgecutter flail


This head is designed to incorporate heavy-duty caged rotor flails which rotate 360° to maintain momentum for tackling difficult conditions. By being able to rotate fully it also protects the machine from damage.


Contact us today and take the first step in a more efficient farm. We would love to answer any questions you might have.

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