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Sprayers: 230L tractor sprayer

  • Blaney 230L compact sprayer


Blaney Agri have developed the compact 230L sprayer to suit those who want something tractor mounted but don’t need a huge capacity or boom width. Great spraying performance made simple.

Our Agricultural Weeder machinery for weed removal used in weed control for soil preparation or cultivation has significant savings over conventional systems.


  • 230L sprayer with 4m boom
  • 230L sprayer with 6m boom



UV protected tank

The 230L tank has UV protection in the plastic giving it a yellow colour, for durability.

With drain bung for easy removal of contects.

Galvanised Frame

The frame is equipped with 3 point linkage mounts, and is galvanised for durability.


The galvanised boom comes in a choice of 2 widths:

  • 4m boom with 8 anti-drip precision nozles
  • 6m boom with 12 anti-drip precision nozzles

The booms have multiple cut off sections, useful for spraying verges, hedgerows and laneways.





An easy fold up design allows for travel and storage.

The break back system prevents damage when spraying near poles and fences.


18L/min pump

The 18L/min pump is powered through the 12v supply.  Connections are supplied and include a choice of 3 pin plug connection, cigarette lighter connection or ring terminals.


Handlance kit

A handlance kit can be added to allow for spot spraying.

Reel / Handlance

A reel with up to 25m hose can be added, complete with handlance for spot spraying jobs further away from the vehicle.


Contact us today and take the first step in a more efficient farm. We would love to answer any questions you might have.

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