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October 23, 2018

With Autumn now upon us, the team at Blaney Agri have got you covered, they have everything you might need to help you get ready with getting the livestock prepared and getting your farm ready for the seasonal change.
Blaney Agri is a well-established engineering company with roots going back to the 80’s. With decades of experience in the design, development and manufacture of machinery they have an outstanding reputation for well-made, innovative cutting-edge machinery and they have exactly what your farm needs for the upcoming change in weather.
With livestock to feed it is now the time to get prepared, The Blaney Agri Bale Shredder has been designed to save you time and money involved in feeding and bedding livestock, typically labour intensive jobs. The large diameter rotor serves for faster bale throughout to get each task done as quickly and efficiently as possible, shredding a bale for feeding or bedding in as little as 2 ½ minutes, making it the fastest round bale shredder available. The Blaney Bale Shredder can chop bales up to 5 times faster than a diet feeder. This has been achieved by maximising material flow within the drum and rotor, through extensive computer-aided simulation and on-farm testing.
It can deal with 4ft and 5ft bales / 1200 and 1500 up to 900kg. All you have to do is remove the plastic and netting. This innovative design allows full tilt while maintaining good ground clearance and low centre of gravity. The Bale Shredder has been designed and developed specifically to shred silage bales which are much more difficult to work with than straw bales, given their weight, density, moisture content and often uneven shape. Chopped silage bales have proven popular with sheep farmers since they are more easily digested. Chopped silage gives improved intake and more live weight gain compared to unchopped silage. This Bale Shredder serves as a multipurpose machine with more capabilities for feeding livestock, not only along passageways but also over the fence or gate into feed trailers and troughs for those out-wintering stock. Imagine how much easier each day would be this autumn and winter without the need for a lot of manual work involved in graping and pushing forward silage.
The Blaney Cubicle Bedder has been developed to spread an even layer of bedding in a cubicle house with the ability to handle sawdust, wood shavings and sand or chopped straw. The Cubicle Bedder is a self-loading, hydraulically driven machine that couples conveniently to any standard front or rear 3-point linkage or telescopic loader. Manoeuvrability is not an issue with working widths from as little as 5ft. With the reversible drive on the discharge conveyor, both sides can be covered without having to turn your tractor. For speed of use, the Bedder can be tipped forward on a rotating linkage to load from a pile of bedding and then brought back to the upright position, ready to spread.
The Cubicle Bedder will reduce your bedding material usage by as much as 50% compared to manual bedding, by more evenly distributing the material exactly where you want it, thus saving money. It has been designed to reduce labour time with 300 cubicles being covered in an impressive 15mins. With cubicle bedding a daily task the savings in your time by using this machine is massive.
The Blaney Forager X10 bale unrollers are now a common sight on farms throughout the world, having proven themselves in all conditions. The Forager X10 bale unroller has been around for well over a decade, designed and manufactured by Blaney Agri in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. Thanks to over ten years of continual intensive product development working with hundreds of farmers from all types of climates and grass types and proven credibility having fed millions of bales worldwide, it is easy laded and can operate with all bale types and this bale unroller has evolved to incorporate a host of improvements and enhancements to exceed expectations.
While Blaney offers other models of bale feeding machines the Forager X10 is often described as the ‘perfect design’, which due to registered design rights cannot be legally replicated. Blaney has worked hard perfecting these machines, and with an ethos of innovation and continual improvement, the Forager has become the market leader in the UK and Ireland.
When you have fed out millions of bales it really is UN-BALE-IEVABLE!
Oliver O’Grady from Co Westmeath bought a Forager X10 in December 2015 and three years on is still delighted with his purchase. “I farm part-time and when I get home the last thing I want to do is spend time feeding silage. I had tried a couple of different machines before buying the Forager X10, but thanks to the Blaney bale unroller I can honestly say that feeding silage has never been so easy, no matter what shape of bale, wet or dry. The Forager X10 never fails and any excess silage is left in the machine and fresh for the next feeding. The whole job now only takes minutes.”
Why not save hours of manual labour on the farm and get in touch with our sales team today contact Blaney Agri to get details of your local dealer or for more information. Call 028 2587 2801 or visit or follow BlaneyAgri on Twitter or Facebook.

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