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Blaney Hedgecutters proved to be “a cut above the rest”

June 11, 2018

Blaney Agri’s hedge cutters on show

CR Willcocks, Newton Abbot in Devon are pleased to offer the Blaney Agri hedgcutters, designed and manufactured in Co Antrim UK. The hedge cutters are available in 4 series: Compact, Agri, Agri Pro and Contractor. The Blaney Contractor model was on display at the CR Willcocks stand at the Royal Cornwall Show and they certainly proved to be a popular display.

It has been over 10 years since the development of Power ShredderTM technology which is incorporated in the business end of the Blaney hedge cutters as well as the Blaney Power ShredderTM mowers and excavator heads. The Blaney R&D team have taken some unique approaches to ensure there is more power to the head for increased rotor speed, a better cut and finish with improved efficiency saving time and fuel.

CR Willcocks’ focus is on the Contractor range, designed with contractors in mind and those with tough hedges to tackle. They have been engineered for strength with consideration given to high speed road travel.

Blaney Agri recognises oil condition to be key to the lifespan of the machine. Their clever design promotes natural cooling in the system, with the use of special fittings to reduce pressure points and flow restrictions. Lifetime maintenance costs are reduced as a result of painstaking development within the drive system for optimum oil conditioning and low friction circuits reducing heat generation during use. This also reduces tractor power input requirements with greater rotor output due to lower energy losses within the system.

Blaney Agri can offer a choice of controls, which can be cleverly stored within the machine when not in use. Thanks to the controls not being exposed when in storage means that there is reduced corrosion on the switches.

For those who have special requirements and want a different combination of features, the Blaney hedge cutter is ideal since their efficient design and production techniques allow them to tailor machines. Blaney as an independent manufacturer have no links to any other range and so have no restrictions in their design, giving them the ability to give experienced users exactly what they want.

If you are a contractor considering upgrading your machinery or a farmer investing in a hedge cutter for the first time, contact CR Willcocks to arrange a demonstration. Tel: 01626 831850 Contact Blaney Agri to request a brochure or DVD. Call 02825872801

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