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Farm Business Improvement Scheme *NI ONLY*

January 18, 2018


The Farm Business Improvement Scheme- Capital, has reopened applications for Tranche 2 of Tier 1 for farmers in Northern Ireland. The Farm Business Improvement Scheme (FBIS) is a package of measures aimed at improving the competitiveness and sustainability of the farming sector.

Most of the Blaney Agri range of farm machinery is eligible for up to 40% grant support.

Products include:
-Bale Unrollers (Forager X10 and Bale Feeder X6);
-Bale Shredders (for straw & silage);
-Power Shredders/Rush Mulchers;
-Cubicle Bedders;
-Poultry Bedders;
-Weed Wipers

For more information on the scheme and eligible products visit

Northern Irish farmers are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity!

All Blaney Agri machines are designed and manufactured in Co. Antrim.

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